Overseas Advantages

Overseas Advantages

Overseas Advantages

Global Service Network

Now Forenergy has established in energy industry a global inspection networking, which ensures that our service is not only efficient but also economic significantly by delivering technical services to customers worldwide.
15 Domestic Operating Offices 8 Business Centers over the world
30+ Global Partners Global Assignment Capacity
Familiar with international Standards and Client Technical Requirements
Variety of Languages Report Capability Including Chinese, English, French etc.

Eastern Region:Shanghai, Wuxi, Changzhou, Wenzhou
Northern Region:Beijing, Tianjin, Cangzhou,Dongying, Weifang
Southwest Region:Chengdu Northeast Region:Shenyang, Dalian
Southern Region:Hengyang, Huizhou, Zhuhai
Algeria、Belgium、United Arab Emirates、Spain、Kuwait、Australia、Nigeria、Pakistan

Global Footsteps

Domestic Footsteps :
Database of 7000+ suppliers
500+ Audit Report
1000+ Factory Contact Information
30,000+ Technical Quality Solutions

Footsteps Overseas:
Asia Pacific: China, South Korea, Myanmar, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc.
Europe: Austria, Poland, Germany, Russia, France, Romania, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, etc.
Americas: United States, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, etc.
Africa & Middle East: Algeria, UAE, etc.

Global Assignment Capacity

In 2012 and 2014,Forenergy has competed with a number of internationally renowned inspection companies. We have successfully won twice the bidding of the Algerian National Oil Company's global supplier auditing project, completed approximately 75 first-class companies'projects of casing and line pipes, which has become an important milestone for us.

Middle East: UAE, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait...
Europe: France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, Austria, Romania, Poland, Ukraine...
America: United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela...
Asia Pacific: China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Indonesia...
Africa: Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco...

Global Partners

Forenergy has cooperated with many global well-known supervision companies such as DNV.GL, ABS, Moody, and local well-known inspection agencies in Europe, America and Asia, we has obtained the authorization to jointly conduct third-party supervision and inspection services with them.
In the Southeast Asia region: cooperation with Indonesian national oil companies and other South East Asian oil companies;
In Europe: our partner Burotec could meet many inspection needs;
In the African region: Forenergy has the ability to dispatch partners'inspectors such as Algeria and Angola's;
In the Middle East region: Forenergy has cooperative agents in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and other countries, and has passed Abu Dhabi and Kuwait Oil Company's access network.
Forenergy has provided technical services to a number of domestic and international engineering companies, obtained certification from several engineering companies (EPC) and signed global service framework agreements with them, including PetroChina Engineering Construction Corporation, HQCEC, Toyo, Saipan, and Vepica. Alexander, SSGC, Fluor, Technip, Worley Parsons, KBR, Daelim, Samsung Engineering, Modern Industry, etc. Based on this, Forenergy has accumulated a wealth of international high-end project experience, so we could fully understand and meet the concerns of large-scale projects by providing professional and efficient technical services.

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